Cerebrations, as thesaurus.com informed me, is a fun way to say thoughts. This blog is an outlet for my thoughts when my brain can’t hold them anymore.

About Me:

I am a college senior, trying to finish up a Computer Science B.A. this Spring. I put my faith, hope and life in God’s hands, and try to do my best to model His son’s walk on Earth, knowing full well that I fall short.


This is my wife and I on our one-year anniversary (photograph by Nina Francine Photography).

We’re both college seniors trying to finish our schooling and make our way into the real world.

A little more about me: I’m a sports fan (baseball, football, basketball, golf) and I enjoy the professional leagues of those sports. I will occasionally post about those. I’m a fan of music (from Christian worship music to hard rock, excluding some hardcore and most country and jazz). I’m a fan of books (mostly fantasy series, but also Christian books and the Bible). I enjoy video games (Xbox 360). I really like food, coffee, and since I have just turned 21, I may post about my first experiences with types of wine, beer, et cetera. And lastly, I try to write. I’m currently one year and one chapter into my first book – I’ve had a few setbacks…

About This Blog:

Through this blog, I will talk about books, music, God, my life, and all sorts of random stuff. I hope to challenge some to be better people, some to be better authors, some to be better Christians, and through that, I hope to become a more complete person in all of those areas.

My posts are going to seem random and sporadic. I don’t necessarily write them in the order that I post them, but I will keep them in one of five categories,  so they will have a semblance of order…

If you want to contact me… 


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